Some of the evening’s best work came from Christopher Magiera as the fundamentally decent American consul, Sharpless, whose warnings to Pinkerton of the tragedy to come are blithely ignored. Magiera’s portrayal combined a smooth, intelligently used baritone with acting ability of a high order.
— Sarah Bryan Miller Saint Louis Post Dispatch


Private Lessons:

In addition to his active performing career, Chris maintains a private studio in Chicago. 

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Student Testimonial:

Within one lesson with Christopher Magiera, it became clear to me that he is a phenomenal teacher. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about vocal technique and able to effectively communicate that knowledge to his students, but he has a vast understanding of the business and career aspects of the opera world. As a student beginning to explore post-undergraduate options, he has been an invaluable resource and makes it clear that he is always available to talk with me or answer any questions I may have. He is a teacher that, rightly so, places emphasis on a student’s natural, healthy voice. After studying with him for only two months, my voice feels far healthier and I have gained a greater confidence in my unique vocal abilities.
— Soprano Student
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