A collection of reviews from Chris’ performance of Jim Crowley at the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Christopher Magiera’s rich baritone gave aural shape to the difficult character of Jim Crowley, with his solid sense of pitch making the final scenes remain in memory.
— James L. Zychowicz. Seen and Heard International
But there were no weak links whatsoever in the rest of the ensemble cast, which included... the fine baritone Christopher Magiera as the war-hardened opportunist Jim...
— Chicago Classical Review
Christopher Magiera works hard to make something of the “ugly American” stereotype of the blustering Jim, and finds some success in the later moments of the piece.
— Parterre Box
Jim Crowley, a hardened war veteran, is the least fleshed out character. Though we get a glimpse into his background and psyche at the very end of the piece, for the most part, he is meant to represent an archetypical mid-century American man: prideful, repressed, looking out for number one. Christopher Magiera deserves applause for bringing some depth to his character, but, in his disdain and indifference toward the “other,” he succeeded most brilliantly in being unlikable.
— Michael Pecak, Schmopera