Initial reviews from IOLANTA at Chicago Opera Theater

Early reviews are in from Christopher Magiera’s performances as ROBERT in IOLANTA at Chicago Opera Theater.

"Christopher Magiera, as a deliciously randy Robert, Duke of Burgundy, tossed off his devilishly difficult aria with aplomb. Magiera has the natural stage presence and effortless high notes demanded by the most difficult Bel Canto baritone roles." - Buzz Center Stage

"Baritone Christopher Magiera made a raffish, Pinkerton-like figure out of Robert, Duke of Burgundy and Vaudemont’s friend. Betrothed to Iolanta at childhood, Robert loves another, and Magiera delivered an ardent rendering of his aria in praise of  the more earthy, sensual qualities of his Matilde." - Chicago Classical Review

"Baritone Christopher Magiera makes an auspicious COT debut as Duke Robert. His aria about his love for the Countess Matilde is a high point in the evening, as the emotion of his admission of a love that must prevent him from honoring his parent’s promise to marry Princess Iolanta bubbles with love’s sincerity. " - Chicago Theater Review